A wide variety of profitable business opportunities exist in Qatar for LLCs, representative offices, and even partnership arrangements. With Qatar offering the fastest growing population and highest GDP per capita, a qualified local partner can accurately direct your company to the correct business vehicle available, saving time and money. According to legal regulations, a local Qatari partner is required to hold 49 to 51% ownership in the majority of new business sectors. Therefore, the key component to the success and security of any long term investment lies in this partnership. Additionally, Qatari law also requires all companies to hold a twelve month lease on a physical office space as a condition for a trade license, which is one of the largest costs to new companies. Fortunately, Qatar welcomes foreign investment and promotes foreign entities in order to continue this growth through various incentives like tax breaks and customs duty exemptions.

Qatari Business Partner

When choosing your business operations in Qatar, take into consideration whether an individual citizen or a fully owned Qatari entity would benefit your organization. Either representative is not obligated to contribute fiscally or practically to your business operation, but due to the larger shareholder stake, can legally terminate the business without consultation if documentation is not written clearly. The lesser shareholder stake is allowed for certain industries, such as agriculture, health, IT, education, tourism, and the development of natural resources, energy or mining. Undoubtedly, careful consideration needs to be made in selecting an appropriate and validated Qatari business partner. In most cases, a beneficial partnership with a company whose sole purpose is to assist foreigners establish a company in Qatar is the safest and most secure route. Legally, the foreign entrepreneur assumes a great personal risk if the business fails; Debt and financial irregularities could lead to an inability to leave Qatar, especially if the business loan originates from the country’s banking system instead of outside resources.

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