This department is the backbone of Qatar’s foreign workforce as all persons entering Qatar are mandated to be processed by this department. Applications, queues, and processes are lengthy and all documentation must be submitted in Arabic. Furthermore, the numerous permits, sponsorship options, and passport regulations make decisions very difficult without prior adequate experience.
Future Gate’s superior working relationship with Qatar’s immigration department allows us to serve clients to the highest degree and mitigate any potential penalties.

Visa Services:

Obtaining visas is the first step to any long term employee status. Should the visas be for work, visiting personnel from the main office, families of employees, or, just a general visit, we will make accommodations for all of the requirements.

We provide the following Visa services:
Foreign companies wanting to establish a legal Commercial Registration in Qatar

Government Liaison Services (PRO Services):

Government Liaison Services (PRO Services):

Since all Qatar companies require the services of a PRO Agent for their visa and residential requirements, Future Gate automatically offers these services.
We provide the following services in this department:

Labor Department Services:

As per Qatar Labor law, all employees working in Qatar require a Labor Contract in both English and Arabic, attested by this department. This department also deals with any conflicts in Employee Contracts, including employee complaints and grievances and is also responsible for block visa approval (applying for large quantities of work visas to meet project needs).

We provide the following services in this department:

Medical Center & Fingerprint Services:

All persons obtaining a Resident Permit in Qatar are mandated to have on file fingerprints and a completed medical examination at the Medical Center, since the number of tests per week is regulated, appointments must be made for this process. The wait time for this test may take up to 6 hours in the center. Fortunately, due to our experience in avoiding unnecessary delays and complications, Future Gate’s expert staff are given priority. A Health Certificate is issued to all persons who pass the medical examination.

We provide the following services in this department:

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