Anonymous Employee Survey


Our goal is to achieve a positive and collaborative work environment. This form is designed to address issues constructively. Your feedback is anonymous and will help us improve and resolve concerns effectively.

Nature of the Issue

What category does your issue fall into? (Select all that apply)
How frequently do you face this issue?
How long has this issue been occurring?

Impact and Involvement

How does this issue affect you or the work itself? (Select all that apply)
Who do you believe needs to be involved in addressing this issue? (Select all that apply)

Solution-Focused Feedback

What type of resolution are you seeking? (Select all that apply)
How urgent do you believe it is to address this issue?
Have you taken any steps to resolve this issue on your own?

Final Thoughts

We appreciate your honesty and the time you took to fill out this form. Your feedback is important in helping us identify and address issues within our company. Thank you for contributing to a better workplace.