Today’s world seems more and more shaped by quick opportunities, game changing technologies, fast paced realities and ever-changing daily routines.

Future Gate & The HYPE Marketing Solutions partnership made local marketing more effective for our clients in Qatar as The HYPE Marketing Solutions is a digital marketing agency based in Qatar, offering services in the domains of marketing, communication, events, and digital solutions.


With experience over 20 years in Qatar and the GCC, The HYPE, offers the local knowledge, skills and expertise that assist international corporates in finding a reliable and trusted partner.


The HYPE, aim to offer matchless thoughts, tools, quality and understanding of the customers objectives, expectations, and budget.


We ensure that our projects, are well planned, manned, sourced, timed, priced, and delivered. It is a comprehensive journey where marketing is driven by results, events are bespoke, digital solutions are carefully designed and communication is to conserve the overall legacy.


Services & offerings:




We offer full marketing services relying on market research and local market data to provide you with efficient insights to enable decision making. Our services include:


·         Marketing consultancy

·         Marketing strategy, plan and implementation

·         Competitor’s analysis




Our team combines its experience with science and strategic leadership to help customers embrace new forms of communication and language that can best suit the local culture and practice. Our services include:


·         Content creation and management (Press releases, announcement…etc)

·         Social media management (post design, content and response)

·         ONLINE and OFFLINE Advertisement





Our expertise in events management goes from corporate events to live concerts and product launches. We understand both the subtle touch of a private meeting and the energy burst of a public concert or event. Our services include:

  • Events management
  • Events registration services
  • Events digital solutions
  • Events staffing & outsourcing.



Our is on modern technologies to help your business succeed by utilizing various types of high-end technologies and digital solutions. We focus on providing the latest tools, UX, and UI ideas to exceed expectations and overtake the competition. Our services include:

  • Website design & development
  • Mobile application design & development
  • 360 Degree virtual tour