Culture Champion Quiz


  • This quiz is designed to test your understanding of Future Gate Business Services' core values.
  • Choose the answer you think best aligns with our company's principles.
  • After completing the quiz, you will receive immediate feedback on each question.
  • The aim is to reinforce our company culture and values through this fun and educational activity.
Employee Name
Employee Name
At Future Gate, when faced with a challenging client request, our priority should be:
When working in a team at Future Gate, it is important to:
Future Gate’s stance on professional development and learning is best described as:
If you notice a colleague struggling with their workload, the best approach is to:
Innovation at Future Gate is:
When faced with a new challenge or unfamiliar task at Future Gate, the best approach is to:
How does Future Gate view feedback from clients and employees?
In terms of work-life balance at Future Gate, we believe:
How does Future Gate prioritize tasks and projects?
Regarding personal development and growth at Future Gate, employees are: