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Large scale investments in healthcare sector grows steadily

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Qatar ranks fourth in the global medical sector according to Invest Qatar. The investments so far amounted to $5.8bn and is expected to have more investments in the market. In line with Qatar National Vision 2030. The expansion of investments further states the country’s buoyancy enabling the citizens and residents to process a healthy well-being.

With the rapid motion to advance healthcare systems, Qatar is reportedly ranked as one of the top quality medical sectors worldwide. According to global health security (GHS) index, Qatar’s health industry has witnessed a tremendous improvement since 2019 by 16.9 percent.

The index data stages the country’s care providers as a globally leading sector in terms of health capacity of clinics, hospitals and centres for community care providers. Easy and improved access for medical provisions, communications with healthcare workers during a public health emergency and infection control practices are the other beneficiaries in the Gulf state. Having mentioned that, Qatar is ranked globally in the top 50.

According to Qatar Free Zone (QFZ) data, the “compound annual growth” is expected to grow by 5.8 percent and the large investments in the realm with forecast is expected to amount to $7.6bn in the next four years.  The Statista Market Forecast reports that healthcare professional’s revenue is estimated to reach $1,488.00K meanwhile the market volume is estimated to amount to $18,630.00m.

Qatar’s national health strategy (2017 – 2022) indicates that the implementation of certain approaches on the healthcare industry would benefit the people in the country. The strategic plan preambles that with the expansion of investments on care providers, medical facilities, services and technologies, the significant health-related requirements for the fast-developing population can be implemented in Qatar. The strategy further states that investing of medical infrastructures in healthcare is one of the vital investments to see a better future in the country.

Source and image credit: The Peninsula.