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Qatar’s Travel and Return Policy during COVID-19

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As part of the State of Qatar’s plans for the gradual lifting of restrictions imposed to respond to COVID-19 pandemic, the previously announced travel and return policy was reviewed. It was agreed to continue the implementation of the same policy with minor amendments effective on, 29th November. The policy includes the following:
First: Travelling Abroad Policy:
  • Citizens and Residents can travel abroad at any time, provided they adhere to the travel and return policy.
  • Those wishing to travel must be aware of the precautionary measures implemented in the country they plan to visit in terms of quarantine policy, its duration, and the requirement to provide a COVID19-free certificate.
  • Employees must coordinate with their employers about the dates of their travel and return to Qatar. They should consider the quarantine period when planning their trip.
Second: Return and Entry Policy:
  1. Testing and Quarantine Policies:​
    • ​Travelers returning from low-risk countries must have COVID-19 test upon arrival at the Airport, and sign a Home Quarantine Undertaking to comply with the home quarantine procedure for a week, noting that their health status on Ehteraz’s application will be yellow, indicating that the individual is under quarantine. On the sixth day, the individual should visit one of the PHCC healthcare centers to re-test for COVID-19. If the test result is positive, the individual is isolated and their health status on Ehteraz will change to red. If it is negative, then the quarantine period is completed by the end of the seventh day and their health status on Ehteraz will change to green. It should be noted that the COVID-19 Green List will be published on the Ministry of Public Health’s website and announced by the Civil Aviation Authority. The COVID-19 Green List will be reviewed and updated regularly based on public health indicators in Qatar and around the world.
    • Travelers from the other countries should be hotel quarantined at their own expense for a week. They should book a quarantine package from the listed hotels on the “Discover Qatar” website​ for a week. These individuals will be re-tested on day 6. If the test result is positive, the individual is isolated and their health status on Ehteraz will change to red. If it is negative, the quarantine period is completed by the end of day-7 and their health status on Ehteraz will change to green.
    • If there are MOPH approved COVID-19 testing centers at the country of travel, a COVID-19-free certificate should be obtained from one of these centers to be exempted from testing at the Airport. The Certificate should not exceed 48 hours before travel, noting that the list of COVID-19 testing centers is updated regularly on the Ministry of Public Health’s website.
    • In the case of home quarantine, the accommodation conditions should be suitable and have a separate room with its ensuite bathroom. If the accommodation is not appropriate, one of the hotel quarantine packages must be booked for the quarantine period through the “Discover Qatar” website. People must adhere to the home quarantine guidelines to protect themselves and their family.
    • If the traveler was a minor, their official guardian should sign the Home Quarantine Undertaking.​
  2. Citizens, their Spouses and Children, Permanent Residency Holders, and GCC Citizens:
    • ​​​Citizens, their spouses and children, permanent residency holders, and GCC citizens can return to the State of Qatar at any time, provided they adhere to the travel and return policy.
    • Citizens, their spouses and children, permanent residency holders, and GCC citizens shall bear the cost of the hotel quarantine for a week, provided that the booking is made through “Discover Qatar.​
    • If the hotel quarantine conditions apply, the government will cover the costs for the hotel quarantine for patients receiving treatment abroad at the expense of the State, along with their escorts. The same applies to the employees who are on official missions.
  3. Residents:
    • Residents abroad may return to the State of Qatar, as of 1st August, by applying for an “Exceptional Entry Permit” through the “Qatar Portal” website.
    • The employer should submit an “Exceptional Entry Permit” application for the company or institute’s employees electronically via the “Qatar Portal” website. A similar process applies to domestic workers.
    • For Craftmen and Manual workers, the employer shall bear the costs of the quarantine in the dedicated facilities for 14 days, provided that the booking is made through the “Discover Qatar” website.
    • For Professional Residents, the same policy for Qatari, Permanent Residency Holders, and their families apply.
    • Residents who are currently in the State of Qatar and wish to travel and return will automatically receive an “Exceptional Entry Permit” upon departure. The resident or their employer will be able to printout the permit from the Ministry of Interior’s website at any point after their departure. Requests will no longer need to be submitted through the “Qatar Portal” website. The permit will be available automatically upon registration of the resident’s departure from Qatar. This service is not available for residents who are currently outside the State of Qatar. They are still required to get the “Exceptional Return Permit” via the “Qatar Portal” website if they wish to return to the State of Qatar.​
  4. Vulnerable Groups Eligible for Home Quarantine:
    • ​The following vulnerable group returning from travel (Qatari and Residents) and their immediate family members living in the same household, including their domestic helpers returning with them are eligible for home quarantine:
      1. Persons aged 55 years old and above.
      2. Recipients of an organ or bone marrow transplant.
      3. Patients with hypertension who are on treatment.
      4. Patients with conditions that require immune-suppressive treatment.
      5. Patients with heart failure or coronary artery disease.
      6. Patients with moderate-to-severe asthma.
      7. Cancer patients with metastasis and those on treatment (Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy).
      8. Pregnant females (any trimester).
      9. Nursing mothers with children aged 0-5 years.
      10. Patients with End-Stage Renal Failure (ESRD) or on dialysis.
      11. Patients with Chronic Liver Disease (CLD) and decompensation.
      12. Patients with lower-limb amputations.
      13. People with disabilities where they depend on others for their activities of daily living.
      14. Children with disabilities and their mothers.
      15. Patients with epilepsy and on treatment.
      16. Patients with diabetic foot infections.
      17. People with deceased first-degree relatives in the last ten days.
      18. People with mental health problems on antipsychotic medications and whose condition is aggravated by staying in closed spaces.
      19. Diabetic patients on treatment.

      20. Minor travelers (below 18 years old) traveling without an accompanied guardian.​

Third: Ehteraz App. Policy:
  • ​Travelers returning to the State of Qatar must download and activate the Ehteraz app on their mobiles upon arrival at Hamad International Airport. To achieve that:
    • ​A Qatari SIM Card from a local telecom operator (Ooredoo and Vodafone).
    • Internet access.
    • A smartphone that supports either Android 6 and up or IOS 13.5 and up.
    • Download the application on your mobile phone either via Google Play or Apple App Store or from any search engines on the internet.
  • Diplomats, holders of MOFA issued administrative cards, and VVIP visitors are exempted.
  • Health status on Ehteraz will remain yellow until the completion of the full quarantine course and a negative COVID-19 result is obtained as per the quarantine policy stated above​.
It should be noted that the process of issuing return permits for residents will continue through the “Qatar Portal” website until the need to organize the entry process ends, based on the status of the public health indicators in the State of Qatar and around the world.
For more information, you can contact the relevant entities responsible for each process, and they are as follow:
  • ​For the “Exceptional Entry Permit”, please visit the “Qatar Portal” website, or call on (109) inside Qatar or (+974 44069999) outside Qatar.
  • For Hotel Quarantine Package Booking, please visit the “Discover Qatar” website or call on (+974 4423 7999).
  • For Quarantine or Ehteraz application, call the hotline (16000) or the Governmental Health Communication Center through the Ministry of Public Health Website​.​​