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Foreign investments to accelerate post-World Cup

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Qatar is hopeful of surge in foreign investors and business projects in the years ahead as the country is about to host one of the major sporting events in a few days. As millions of tourists will be embarking on the Gulf State, the region is confident of a boost in the tourism, hospitality, trade, and economic sectors.

In an exclusive interview with The Peninsula, Serban Spirea, Chief Executive Officer of FG Realty said: “It [World Cup] is definitely going to be one of the PR events and Qatar will be well-known internationally. As a real estate agency, it’s a success as it will be much easier to sell and promote in the country. So all the big developer’s small private owners will be opening the gates internationally.”

FG realty, one of the leading real estate developers in the country is poised to obtain more foreign investors during and after the tournament and to inflate their projects globally. He said: “This is our responsibility to go back to international investors and try to showcase that Qatar is in very stable platform to invest their money”.

“It is a very good test market and we are testing our platform and developing it with our team. We make sure our projects expand to other regions and across the globe”, he added.

The Arab State also expects to witness a rapid leap in leasing out workplaces and apartments. Steed Taylor, Business Development Director at FG realty said: “There will be a surge in terms of interests, which we are focusing on. We need to integrate the whole process and companies coming in to set up for offices, retail, and obviously for residential as well.”

Real estate agencies in Qatar reflect a pragmatic mindset of carrying out portfolios to maintain corporate relationships and enhance business projects. “Vision is very important. Trust, integrity, focus, and a strong vision to develop a business that you can pass to the next generation would be refreshing,” Taylor added.

Source and image credit: The Peninsula.