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Qatar a potential destination for global investments: Expert

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The blooming market in the country has evolved as one of the best destinations for investments in the coming years, a real estate official said. Qatar, which organised the biggest sporting tournament – FIFA World Cup this year witnessed a lot of tourists engaging with potential investments in the country. Qatar is also the host nation for many other upcoming events including 2023 AFC Asian Cup and Expo 2023 Doha, which anticipates growing visitors and investors.

“Qatar is moving towards a positive economy and tourism will surge immensely in another 5 to 10 years, said Mustapha Mesto, Sales and Leasing Manager at the Mirage International Property Consultants.

He accentuated that the number of visitors will increase from 10 to 15 percent year-on-year and the market will grow constantly with the inflow of projects strengthening the businesses in the region.

Enhanced and well-built infrastructures in Qatar are a pivotal moment for all real estate properties attracting potential investors into the region. Mesto said that “When people invest, they look for rents and income,” adding that Qatar’s ever-growing projects and events will boost the country and enable many more visitors to invest.

Mirage, an international realtor has dealt with major properties across the country including Al Sadd, Al Wakra, and Lusail, and is expanding its projects for future investors by currently working on hotel apartments and five-star towers. “In the coming years, we are executing a different range of projects that are underway right now including 73 apartments including studios, and other luxurious properties for investors.”

The developers in Qatar are more competent as the burgeoning economy is an advantageous factor enabling the expansion of trade relations and investments. He said: “Qataris or the private owners know the market very well. When they interact with a potential investor or developer, they are certain of the market and have understood the quality of the location.”

Reports indicate that Qatar’s exponential leisure surpasses its neighboring countries due to the global events held in the country as real estate agents are hopeful of more customers flowing into the region. He said, “The market is quite challenging, especially the residential properties but with many events occurring in the country, it is true that the country is one of the best and potential places for all global investors.”

“Our plan was not just for the World Cup but for a longer term to attract clients with our customer profiles and bring in more investments in Qatar,” he added.

Source and image credit: The Peninsula.